About Us

Our Mission:

We stand to protect our constitutional rights on both state and federal levels. We also educate and help legislators on our constitutional rights, as well as keep people in the loop as to what is going on in legislative session in regards to what bills are being introduced that will either help the average American, or are trying to hinder our rights. We also are always ready to assist in fighting or supporting legislation.

How you can help our mission:

Write, e-mail, call, and even visit your House Representatives and Senators and let them know how you feel about certain legislative bills trying to be passed and become laws, or even thank them for standing to protect our rights.

Pro 2A Americans is a non profit LLC in New Mexico. We are working hard to get our 501(c)4. We support and defend the Constitution of New Mexico and the United States Of America. We focus on the 2nd amendment but fight any legislation that could affect any part of our constitution.