Pro 2A Americans encourages users to comment and engage in civil debates, it through debates that we can learn, educate, and get ideas to help each other out. While Pro 2A Americans fully supports the 1st amendment we do however want to keep our site clean and respectful, it is with this in mind we have created this policy.

We welcome commenters both for and against what we believe in, having civil discussions is how we are going to get through this not by name calling, threatening, or any other action that does not show respect.
We will not put up with the following types of comments.

1. Comments that are threatening in nature.

2. Comments that expose someone’s personal information, such phone numbers, address, social, or anything else of that nature. Any public information is ok, such as a business complaint phone number, or a congress or senate members office number.

3. Comments that promote hate groups, this is no productive to our cause.

4. Any comment that calls for any action that is illegal such as hacking, setting up DOS attacks, we do not endorse or promote any illegal activity.

5. Any links in a comment must be relevant to the post that it is on.

6. No spamming, if it is obvious that your intent was to spam your account will be deleted, if it was an accident you will be warned and in both cases the comment will be removed.

7. Any comments that are geared at insulting or putting down any other member of this site. We are here to have civil discussions and insulting one another is not going to further that.

8. Any comment maybe deleted at moderators discretion with or without notice. We will not however remove a comment just because we do not agree with it.

We have this policy in place not to infringe on anyone’s rights but to keep this site clean and great place to have civil discussions. This policy maybe amended at any time with or without notice.