We here at Pro 2A Americans respect the rights off all users but again have to have policies in place in order to keep our side going the the direction we want to it to go. We want to have a strong power organization that can accomplish a lot to help out the firearm community. We try to do this with as little restrictions as possible as that is what we oppose its excessive restrictions, with that in mind we have a policy on registering with the site.

Please keep these rules in mind when registering for the site. User names may not contain the following

  1. Names that have curse words as part of it.
  2. Names that are racist
  3. Names that promote hate groups, violence, or promote any illegal activity.
  4. Names that any moderator feels is damaging to the site within good reason.

This policy is to help maintain the professionalism of this site, having names promote hate for example goes against what we believe in, we do not believe in hate or violence.

Moderators have the final say with names; users will be given the chance to change their name if they choose to stay on the site. Username maybe deleted with or without notice.

Please keep in mind we are not like Moms Demand Action and block anyone who does not agree with us, we believe that shows you have a weak argument, if you are not willing to hear the opposition then your argument is weak. So as long as you are being respectful in your debate we are willing to let you have whatever opinion you wish.