We are officially a non profit llc

We offically became a non profit LLC filed with the state of New Mexico. We do not have a 501C status yet, but are working on that. We are working on becoming a 501(c)4 due to the lobby nature of this organization. Please consider becoming a member to help us fight for your rights.

We love what we do, and we are going to keep working hard to represent all our members and try to stop all these feel good measures that are unenforceable or unconstitutional and getting ourselves setup as a non profit LLC is just one more step in that direction.

Your membership will help this organization grow to one get our 501(c)4 status and help us fight for your rights. Its an annual membership, which is NOT tax deductible.

Author: pro2a

3 thoughts on “We are officially a non profit llc

  1. Thanks glad to see this. I’ve been working on my own I have a fund set up for expenses needed for our mission. I am also planning on a 501 . we can talk and share ideas .

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