House of Consumer & Public Affairs bought and paid for

All it takes is watching 5 minutes of the House Consumer & Public Affairs to realize that they are not paying attention. They are to busy on the phones, eating or doing pretty much everything else other than paying attention.

There was a time where they would at least pretend they where paying attention to you. As it relates to gun bills we did some research and figured out why. They don’t care about you, they care about a New York Billionaire.

Elizabeth Thompson – Chair – Has received $2500 from Everytown For Gun Safety
Andrea Romero – Vice Chair – Has Received $2500 from Everytown For Gun Safety
Angelica Rubio – Member – Has Received $2500 from Everytown For Gun Safety.

And wouldn’t you know it those are the 3 that have voted to pass SB8 and other restrictions on your 2nd amendment rights and bills that violate other rights such as due process.

From what we understand anything above $1000 means that the organization has talked to the candidate and it means they are on board, meaning bought and paid for.

Some of the above have also received money from other organizations such as Planned Parent hood to buy the right to kill babies.

We need to become active and vocal and tell them to listen to New Mexico not New York Billionaires.

Lets vote these house representatives out of office and all of them that vote for any firearm ristrictions or any constitutional violations.

Author: pro2a

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