SB8 Passes House Consumer & Public Affairs

Completely ignoring everyone in the room, and limiting discussion only to the amendments that where added to SB8 on the senate floor the House Consumer & Public Affairs passed it on a party line vote.

For those interested as to why, we have done some research and here is why.

ELIZABETH “LIZ” THOMSON (chair) has received $2500 from Everytown For Gun Safety so she is bought and paid for. She was the most vocal trying to shut everyone down just so they could vote how they knew how they where going to vote before they even entered the room. To find out who else on that Committee is bought and paid for check out this post.

Now is the time to blow their phones up and let them know that you are not going to vote for them because of them listening to outside Bloomberg groups not New Mexicans, for violating their oath of office, and for not listening.

On a side note with most payments, anything above about $1000 means that that organization has talked to them personally and its not just someone donating to the campaign. Using the Elizabeth example above, she is bought and paid for with her $2500, that tells us that they have talked to her and bought her yes vote on passing these gun bills.

Make your voices heard, and come election time its far past time to get these people that refuse to listen out of office, and get people that will listen in office. All its take is watching 5 minutes of the webcast or 5 minutes in the room and you can see they all know how they are going to vote, they are to busy on their phones, eating, everything but paying attention as they already know how they are going to vote.

Author: pro2a